Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fiending Fun

Come on school! Get outta here so I can do more of this stuff! Like hang out with friends, go swimming, get back to working on my shop, start making some more money and just having fun! Plus I have some fun ideas brewing for some stuff around here once I'm free again.
I know I keep popping up around here once a week to talk about how much I have to do, how much school stinks and stuff like that, but its getting sooo close now. I have a total of 4 class days left, one full day of finals and then one final after that. Even though it seems like every day lately another project pops up out of the blue I'm trying to stay positive and just knock it all out!

photo from a day spent at a river last summer filled with friends and fun.

P.S. Today's Groupon deal was for a stay at the haunted hotel at this river, which may or may not be that building right behind us. After reading about the haunting I'm not sure I want to go swimming/camping here again. Yikes!

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elisabeth said...

swimming is ALWAYS a good thing to do :)


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