Friday, April 15, 2011

My Sad Shop

I'm really feeling sorry for my shop right about now. The number of items for sale is slowly dwindling down each day and so are the number of sales. I've decided that I hate school. haha. But really, I've been spending most of my time doing school work or thinking about how much I really don't want to do school work (mostly the second). I have at least 4 huge piles of clothes that need work before entering the shop and one big pile that is ready to go in. But this is also a really inconvenient time to find a model seeing as how most of the possibilities are in the same school slump as I am right now. So I suppose the shop will just continue to dwindle down for the next few weeks until school is out and it will then start filling up with beautiful new pieces! I am really excited about some of the items that are waiting to go in and some of the new ideas I have for alterations! I will of course still be sending out any orders that are made, I just won't be adding anything new.

On another note, this Sunday is the April FBC ride. The theme is Aprilween and a few of us wanted to go with group costume, but cannot come up with any great ideas. Do you guys have any suggestions? They would be a great help!

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