Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hair Everywhere (but here)

I've been wanting and trying to grow my hair out for I don't know how long now, but it seems like it has just stopped growing. It's done. This makes seeing all of these pretty ladies with their lovely long locks even more annoying. How do they do it??! I just want long hair that I can put into a fishtail braid, ombre it, throw it into a big messy topknot and most of all wear down with curls at the ends. So why does it have to torture me and not grow instead?

Does anyone else have this same problem? Or better yet, a solution?!

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Bruklyn Belle said...

I am so with you! The last photo there... that's my best friend. Yeah. That's what I have to look at all the time. And my hair? It never grows. I feel your pain, sweetie... I really do :( If you come up with an amazing solution, let me know!

xo, Bruklyn

Jamie said...

Oh my gosh. Such prettiness. Sigh. GROW HAIR GROW!! :)

Kristin said...

I am growing my hair too. It looks better longer. But I had to cut it for a change but I miss it. I think you probably have to buy some hair growing shampoo or wait a few months without a trim.

Hannah Becca said...

I know how crazy and frustrating it is to try and grow your hair out. I am growing mine out and have had to change many things about my hair care routine. The articles about growing healthy hair at were a big help to me when I first start to grow out my hair. If your are interested, just look for Hair Care Articles in the menu to the left of the home page. Good Luck!

Bite The Beat said...
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Bite The Beat said...

My hair isn't particularly long now, but years ago when I was trying to grow it out, I was living off a diet of Sonic cheeseburgers and Taco Bell, and it took me over three years to just reach shoulder length. Now that I'm eating healthier, taking supplements, and cutting back on shampooing so often, my hair is growing like a weed. I'm still trying to talk myself into drinking 8 glasses of water a day (I need to overcome my gag reflex when it comes to this), and learning to get a good night's rest, which is near impossible for a night owl like me.

If you haven't already done so, try incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet, take a multi-vitamin daily, and massage your scalp before bedtime.

Also, check out this site:

Happy growing! <3

Brynna said...

Thanks so much for all of your help!! I will have to check out both of those websites and be ready to start making some changes. You guys are awesome!

Lynzy said...

I had the same problem until I discovered Biotin! It works wonders and you can find it at any drug store :)

xo Lynzy

Deirdre said...

first of all - THANK YOU so so much for the extras in my last order! the clutch is especially cute! next time I go out to the bars or to a party I'm for sure using it!

secondly, I'm desperately trying to grow out my hair, too! And I have bangs kind of like you haha, my goal is to be able to do my hair like this:

A girl on tumblr said biotin helped her hair grow a lot faster, it's a supplement found in the vitamin section that helps boost your metabolism. I decided to start taking it, too, to help me with my weight loss and I think it might be working with my hair! I've only taken it for 3 weeks but seems to have grown a lot more in the past 3 weeks than it has since April when I had my last trim.

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