Thursday, October 13, 2011

Arrested Development

It's finally happening! It was just announced last week that Arrested Development will return for a fourth season and then a movie! I recently re-watched the series on Netflix. I finished on Friday and the show's creator Mitchell Hurwitz made the announced the big news on Sunday. Perfect timing! 
I am so excited! Arrested Development has got to be the best written, best acted, most clever and hilarious show that I know of! I had planned to include more images in this post, but got a little overwhelmed by just how hilarious this tumblr is. I may have giggled my way through the entire blog instead.

I also just read that Jason Bateman described the show to be "The Royal Tenenbaums shot like Cops" which is the best description ever!

Come on 2013, I need more Arrested Development!
Is anyone else excited about this?


Amelie Obscura said...

I am! I watch i all the time! I just love Gob.

hannah, heart city said...


Meanz (Koi Story) said...

Ah, I love Arrested Development so much, and I am SO excited about this!

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