Friday, October 21, 2011

Mustard and Hunter

Yesterday I managed to wake up 20 minutes earlier than usual, put on an outfit I liked and actually make it to work on time! It was a pretty good start to the day! I really like the bold colors in this outfit, the mustard yellow and hunter green are such nice cold weather colors. I rediscovered this blouse in a pile of thrifted stuff that I've had for over a year and never worn! I sure am glad I held onto this one! I recently thrifted the corduroy skirt along with a matching one in tan. I shortened them and ended up keeping them both for myself!
I thought it would be fair to include Maude in a photo since she was just prancing around while I was posing in front of her, so she took a quick break from rearranging some of my stuff (that headband in the corner) to join me. Cats are such funny animals. 
I can't believe another week has just flown by!

Do you have any fun weekend plans?
I have to work tomorrow, but tonight I'm really looking forward to just hanging out with Rickey (since he's always working) and doing something fun.

Sweater: F21
Tights: Target
Everything else: Thrifted


Deb said...


Little Lo Hood said...

You look so cute...I love that color combo! :) -Lo

Melis said...

wonderful! i love the cat picture! :) mustard is a great fall color and it looks amazing on you

chrissy said...

you are very lucky you suit those beautiful colours! they look lovely on you.


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