Monday, October 10, 2011


I saw this image over on Kaelah's blog a couple weeks back and thought it was too perfect not to share. Fall is awesome and perfect for all of the things pictured above. But the weird thing is that Fall hasn't really been happening. Over the weekend it was in the high 80's! It's nice that we're having good weather, but a little lame that it's not Fall weather.

Life has been so crazy and busy lately, it's been insane! Luckily we made a bunch of progress at home this weekend -- including a very adorable addition that I'll be sharing soon! As things are really starting to come together around here I'll soon have more time to give to this blog and my shop and my piles and boxes of vintage just waiting around to be listed! SO MUCH TO DO!


lina said...

i completely & totally am in love with fall weather. & lucky for me, the weather has definitely been fall weather!
i've been away from blogging for a bit & i totally missed your awesome giveaway!! oh well next time : )
i feel that everyone's lives have been quite a bit crazy & busy lately, so it's nice to know i am not alone!

Jade said...

That just sums up the most perfect fall.

Jess said...

Ahh I love this picture!!! Autumn really is the most inspiring season, but I know how you feel, I always feel like I have too much to do, need to make sure to spend a little time just soaking in the season! :)

Jess x

A Girl Named Leney said...

I featured a link to this over on my blog today! Hope you don't mind:)

<3 Leney

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