Thursday, October 20, 2011

Decorating Crazy : Bedroom Edition

For me, the bedroom is probably the easiest place to forget about when it comes to decorating. I usually end up decorating it with my clothes all over the place. I love all of the print mixing going on in these photos! I think all of the different florals, frames and cozyness  are pretty good sources of inspiration to help me get started on the bedroom.

What do you like about your own bedroom? Do you have any neat bedroom decorating ideas?

All images found here.

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Little Lo Hood said...

So awesome! For some reason I am really loving the second one and I'm not really a floral person. Our bedroom is really growing. I have one wall of decorations and art that I've created and it is coming along so beautifully. It really makes me feel so much more at home. :) -Lo

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