Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Avett Brothers

Rickey and I went to see The Avett Brothers on Tuesday night. I'll spare you all of the details of the mix up that made this a two hour road trip instead of what I originally thought was going to be a 45 minute drive. 
This was my second time seeing The Avett Brothers and their performances are kind of mind blowing. I cannot believe the intensity and power of their voices, the beauty of the music and all of the feelings it all provokes. I really never would have expected to love the banjo as much as I do thanks to these dudes. I also wouldn't expect to ever tear up (or maybe even cry) at a concert, but they got me again there with how incredible their music is. 

They put on a really great show and played some of my favorites like 'January Wedding', 'Murder in the City' and 'At the Beach'. They're also always so well dressed and pretty nice to look at.

So really, if you've never heard them before and you think you may be interested in something with more heart, soul and beauty than you've heard before then check them out right NOW! You'll be glad you did.

I wasn't able to find any photos from the show we saw, but these ones can be found below.
12 & 3

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lina said...

i can't believe i didn't comment on this post! yes, the avett brothers are legendary : ) love january wedding - my favorite.

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