Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The "Rules" of Retail

I'm sure that some of you work in retail and if you do you know how ridiculous people can be sometimes. Anytime I work over the weekend I am always blown away by how terrible some people can be. In my 5 years in the retail field some of the things I've realized are...

01. The customer is always right. We all know the saying, but some people really take advantage of this one. You know, you can yell at, criticize, argue just about anything with a store employee and if they want to keep their job they usually have to give you what you want no matter how awful you are.

02. You break it, you don't have to buy it. And if you knock it over or throw it on the floor you don't have to pick it up. If you bring trash into the store you can just set it down wherever you please. If you spill something you can just walk away and act like it never happened (or even better, claim that it was already there and that you slipped on it and try to get some money out of it!)

03. Shop like a crazy person and there's nothing anyone can do about it. You want to see what the front of a shirt looks like? Go ahead, yank it out of the rack with all of your strength, leave it sticking out and walk away. Employees aren't really allowed to tell you not to do that.

04. When you're shopping nothing else matters. Bring your kids shopping with you and let them run free and destroy stuff while you're too busy to pay any attention to them. Seriously. Over the weekend I saw a little girl hanging on the edge of a table and she pulled it over on top of herself along with the mountain of product folded on top of the table. 

And you know, some other ridiculous stuff.

Of course, there are still some nice and polite shoppers and if you're one of them I really thank you for existing! 
I would love to hear some feedback about this. Do you work in retail, or any other field really, where people think that it's really okay to act this way?


Little Lo Hood said...

I've worked customer service for a long time.. in a copy/shipping center, at a Chili's, and at an Abercrombie & now I work in an before and after school program. I've encountered so many nasty people/parents and I always hated when I worked at the copy center when people would say "I need this, this and this". Ok well I'm not your servant and it would be much nicer if you said "I would like this this and this". So I really try to be nice to any person who may be helping me out whether in a retail store, restaurant..etc. I aim to be a good person, why can't most others too?! :) -Lo

Mackenzie said...

Oh my. I work retail too and I cannot believe how awful people act! Since I moved to a big city I feel more like a security guard than a salesperson even. It's just so discouraging how "customers" act! Just because you buy one item from the clearance section (and probably steal two things) does not mean you can throw everything on the ground and act like a jerk! sigh.

chrissy said...

it is so nice to know we are not alone in this! we just keep having to remind ourselves it's not personal... they are great big douchebags to everyone, not you specifically.

but tea and a good whinefest usually helps.


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