Tuesday, October 18, 2011


 A few of these pieces were added to the shop the other day and the rest will be added this week. I really love the brown lace dress above. The brown and pale pink combination are beautiful together and so are the collar and the buttons. I know that if I were to keep it for myself that I probably wouldn't ever find the right occasion to wear it. Those red shoes are pretty neat too, they're a fun mix between loafers and boat shoes with the woven style of huaraches! I also love the yellow blouse. I've held onto it for a couple months hoping that I could find a way to wear it and make it look like it's not way too big for me. I just can't get it right, so hopefully it'll find a home with someone who it fits perfectly!
I have so many pieces waiting to be listed, but just not enough time! I feel like within these last couple of weeks time has been flying by faster than ever! I'm pretty sure that last week was the quickest week of my life. If this is really what being a grown up is all about than I'm not too into it! 

I was without my computer for a couple days, which even though put me behind on blogging I actually got a ton of work done around the apartment. I finally got all of the boxes out and just about everything set up! I think the only thing we're still looking for is a record player console. Everything is finally coming together and it's starting to look like a home!

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lina said...

i would love to see more photos of your new place!

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